Where Are They Now?



Zola has been with us for about 2 1/2 months now and is really settling into her new life on the farm!  Zola is such a sweet and timid dog and is so incredibly good with our two kids, which is really something that we were looking for when we were wanting to adopt a dog.  Some of Zola’s favourite activities include playing fetch & keep away with her toys, going for walks & bike rides especially with her kids, and she loves to chase deer, squirrels and other wildlife that may be around the yard.  We’ve been working on teaching her some new tricks and so far have taught her to shake a paw, which Kate and Will are thrilled with!  Hopefully with a little more work, we’ll be able to teach her a few more.  The first few days that we started to let her off her leash, she would take off through the bush and would be off chasing animals and swimming in the sloughs behind our yard.  At first we were a little worried when she would run off, but we found that if you chased after her, then it only made her feel that she could go further because you were with her. We soon discovered that if you turned around and came back to the yard, it wouldn’t be long and she would be back in the yard too. For the first month, Zola didn’t go to far from the house unless we were there to go with her, but now she is feeling more comfortable with being here and ventures out to our shop to go say Hi to the guys working out there.  If the guys are using any drills or other tools, she usually stays clear of there — she really doesn’t like loud noises.  Overall, I would say that Zola has made a good transition moving to our farm and she seems to be really happy!  We love her so very much and couldn’t be happier with her and want to say a big “Thank you” to the Brandon Humane Society for allowing us to adopt such a great dog and allowing us to make her a member of our family!
I hope you enjoyed our update on Zola — we couldn’t be happier with her and her progress here — she trule is hom now!
Sincerely, Carrie, Dale, Kate, Will, & Zola

Eclipse AKA Rider

Eclipse1I’m not sure but I think Rider has adjusted well to her new home.  Eclipse2


Hi, a number of years ago we were extremely fortunate to adopt a small American Eskimo cross from the shelter that we have named Augie. He has been a terrific addition to our home. When he arrived our mini schnauzer Barklee and our dms cat George immediately took a liking to him and the three of them enjoyed many years of friendship. I would highly recommend adoption from the Humane Society, we could not ask for a better boy! It is such a joy to have such a wonderful companion for us and George. We know where our next furry companions will come from, but please remind everybody that spay or neutering is a great kindness to our domestic pet population! Thanks again for giving us Augie! Al and Paulette Shewfelt



Cypress is a wonderful pet.  She loves the cat (Keara) and wants to play play play. But Keara doesn’t understand dog play barking and growling and will have none of it and gives Cypress a sound cuffing to warn her off.  Non the less, Cypress tries to “herd” Keara into whatever room she is “supposed” to be in. (must be some Border Collie in there). The cat tolerates closeness, but not the playness. I think maybe there is a bit of loneliness, however, and Cypress is missing her kennel buddies. We do have some friends with playful dogs and should be able to arrange play dates (this could help her to get used to car rides too).  The trip home from the Kennel was “interesting” and noisy.
Cypress is a digger and looks as though she would dig up the whole field to get at the gophers. She is eating well and is well behaved on the lead. She sleeps well through the night, undoubtedly due to her kennel experience and adopted her dog bed (huge pillow type thingy) immediately and sleeps there mostly unless she is too hot..
We are trying to introduce her to toys. She doesn’t seem to have the foggiest idea what a ball is.  We can get her interested in a rope pull if we assume the doggie play posture and but her with our heads as if to wrestle. I guess Frisbee toss will be awhile into the future.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.









Hey there Finnigan (once Ferris) is doing great! Loves to swim! He has a habit of laying in mud puddles so he loves his pool. We just love him so much but he likes me the BEST lol.