Where Are They Now?

Hershey and Krispen

Hershey Krispen new home

These two precious creatures are absolutely loving their new home! We are so happy to hear that they are enjoying their walks, big yard, and taking in all the loving they get.  They are making friends with two cats that share the home and learning about all that their new life has to offer!  We are so happy for Krispen and her brother Hershey that they have found a loving warm home.

Wyatt in his new home

Wyatt and new homewyatt at home

Wyatt, now known as Willie,  is certainly fitting in his new home! Wyatt came to the Shelter late last year in 2014 and his goofy little smile and playful disposition was hard to resist and quickly found his forever home.  He shares his new home with another dog and a cat but by the picture of him on the couch he may not be into sharing the couch space! LOL.  We are so happy for Willie and his new family!


Savi new home

Savi, now known as Koda, is blossomed into just s sweet girl (well, she always was just more so now!).  You wouldn’t believe that she’s the same dog with all her pretty natural highlights! Congrats Koda on finding your own slice of heaven!



Zola has been with us for about 2 1/2 months now and is really settling into her new life on the farm!  Zola is such a sweet and timid dog and is so incredibly good with our two kids, which is really something that we were looking for when we were wanting to adopt a dog.  Some of Zola’s favourite activities include playing fetch & keep away with her toys, going for walks & bike rides especially with her kids, and she loves to chase deer, squirrels and other wildlife that may be around the yard.  We’ve been working on teaching her some new tricks and so far have taught her to shake a paw, which Kate and Will are thrilled with!  Hopefully with a little more work, we’ll be able to teach her a few more.  The first few days that we started to let her off her leash, she would take off through the bush and would be off chasing animals and swimming in the sloughs behind our yard.  At first we were a little worried when she would run off, but we found that if you chased after her, then it only made her feel that she could go further because you were with her. We soon discovered that if you turned around and came back to the yard, it wouldn’t be long and she would be back in the yard too. For the first month, Zola didn’t go to far from the house unless we were there to go with her, but now she is feeling more comfortable with being here and ventures out to our shop to go say Hi to the guys working out there.  If the guys are using any drills or other tools, she usually stays clear of there — she really doesn’t like loud noises.  Overall, I would say that Zola has made a good transition moving to our farm and she seems to be really happy!  We love her so very much and couldn’t be happier with her and want to say a big “Thank you” to the Brandon Humane Society for allowing us to adopt such a great dog and allowing us to make her a member of our family!
I hope you enjoyed our update on Zola — we couldn’t be happier with her and her progress here — she trule is hom now!
Sincerely, Carrie, Dale, Kate, Will, & Zola

Eclipse AKA Rider

Eclipse1I’m not sure but I think Rider has adjusted well to her new home.  Eclipse2