Where Are They Now?



Little miss Wicka certainly hasn’t changed much since being at the Shelter. She stills commands center stage or the driver seat! We love that Wicka is enjoying the spoils of summer! Many volunteers and staff remember this dear girl well and her sisters. Much happiness!

Rufus, formerly named ‘Doyle’

Doyle IMG_20150625_211733Doyle IMG_20150625_204250

Rufus, formerly known as Doyle, is looking pretty happy in the Prairie sun.  This little fellow has the whole wide world ahead of him and it looks like he’s enjoying all it has to offer.  We are happy for you Mr. Rufus! Happy exploring.


robyn adoptedrobyn2 adopted

We’re so happy to see Robyn chilling out in her home.  She certainly found a compfy spot on that couch! We miss you Robyn at the Shelter but it makes us all so happy that you found your very own home and family.

Howie the Kitten


Howie the kitten has certainly made himself at home with his new buddies!  He seems to enjoy his new pillow, Ben the Golden Retriever! We are so happy for this little scamp, he certainly will be missed here at the Shelter but we’re so happy he’s got his own amazing family now!

Tiki & Allie

Tiki and Allie

Tiki and Allie were adopted in March 2014 at the same time. Obviously, they are doing very well and don’t look too stressed!  Allie (grey one) was only about six months old when she was adopted and so was Tiki.  Nice to see them so content and look like best of buds! So happy for you all!